Al Meisner Ltd. (AML) is a family owned and operated business serving contractors and homeowners. 

With decades of experience in the production of ready-mixed concrete, Al Meisner Ltd. has the knowledge and expertise to produce concrete mixtures with the confidence required to get the job done while meeting the needs of our clients.

Al Meisner Ltd. is a certified concrete supplier and a member of the Manitoba Ready Mixed Concrete Association (MRMCA).  Al Meisner Ltd. maintains plant equipment to its highest possible level of safety and efficiency.  The use of good equipment and proper operating conditions must continue to meet the standards of the MRMCA.    We have qualified and certified concrete batchers which allow us to be responsive to our customers’ needs.  We can work with the customer to create mix designs for any special project.

Al Meisner Ltd. has two plants to serve your location;  Lac du Bonnet and Pine Falls and portable batch plants. We also provide a range of different products including accelerator, colour concrete, super plasticizer to add to your concrete.

- speed up the hydration (hardening) of the concrete.

Retarders -
slow the hydration of concrete, and are used in large or difficult pours where partial setting before the pour is complete is undesirable.

Air Entrainers
- add and distribute tiny air bubbles in the concrete, which will reduce damage during freeze-thaw cycles thereby increasing the concrete's durability. However, entrained air is a trade-off with strength, as each 1% of air may result in 5% decrease in compressive strength.

- (high-range water-reducing admixtures) are a class of plasticizers which have fewer deleterious effects when used to significantly increase workability. Alternatively, plasticizers can be used to reduce the water content of a concrete (and have been called water reducers due to this application) while maintaining workability. This improves its strength and durability characteristics.

®  is designed  to reduce plastic settlement cracks, reduce plastic shrinkage cracks, lower permeability, increased impact and abrasion resistance and provide shatter resistance.

Decorative Concrete
 we have contractors that work with us to enhance the beauty of the concrete with coloring and stamping.  Please call our office to discuss your decorative concrete ideas.

We supply concrete for all your residential, commercial, and agricultural needs. Attention to quality and service is what sets Al Meisner Ltd. apart from all other concrete suppliers.