We process our aggregates at various pits in the Eastern Manitoba region.  Our plants produce washed stone and various sizes of stone.   

Through the production of high quality aggregates, our reputation has resulted in continued sales throughout Eastern Manitoba. 

Attention to quality and service is what sets Al Meisner Ltd. apart from all other aggregate suppliers. No order is too small

Concrete Sand - Concrete sand is mainly used in the production of concrete, other uses may include septic systems, interlocking stone base and many other uses.  *Approximate weight per cubic yard is roughly 2700 lbs*

Concrete Stone (3/4" clean stone) - Concrete stone is finely graded to meet CSA standards for concrete product.  The stone can be used for concrete, drain stone, decorative landscape uses and many other uses as well. *Approximate weight per cubic yard is roughly 2700 lbs*

Traffic Gravel - Traffic Gravel is graded for use on Manitoba highways and other provincial roads and municipalities. Traffic Gravel can be used for driveways, roads, garage approaches and other uses where a hard and stable material is required. *Approximate weight per cubic yard is roughly 3200 lbs*
  A-Base - A-Base is a base gravel ranging from 3/4" stone down to sand with clay added  to be compacted for an ultra-strong base.

Pea Gravel (Buckshot) Pea gravel is 3/8" round stone.  Pea gravel can be used for light drainage, decorative landscaping, backfill around weeping tile and many other uses.